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  1. al: codesign --remove-signature /Applications/GitKraken.app/Contents/Frameworks/GitKraken\ Helper\ (Renderer).app. This temporary workaround removes the GitKraken Signature (making it a partially-signed app) which means if you update GitKraken you will need to do this again. However, this should help with the performance for now while we wait for Apple to address this issue
  2. Since I upgraded to Big Sur, everything seems really slow on Gitkraken (checkout, pull/push, commits) I tried reinstalling it but it didn't change. How to solve this problem? I got an answer from their support, saying I have to run. codesign --remove-signature /Applications/GitKraken.app/Contents/Frameworks/GitKraken\ Helper\ \(Renderer\).ap
  3. It is incredibly slow (yes, even in ver 2.5 which was supposed to be much faster). Simple discarding of changes or resetting of commits or even just pushing new commits easily take up to twice the amount of time or more when compared to SmartGit or SourceTree. Can't select multiple files when resolving conflicts. When projects have 50+ meta file conflicts, GitKraken expects you to click on every single file, open up their conflict solver (which takes 2-10 seconds just to open, and again to.
  4. g actions in the CLI vs GitKraken's Git GUI, there are several features—all designed to make developers more productive —included in GitKraken that are simply lost in translation when working in the command line

GitKraken is very slow since macOS Big Sur update - iZZiSwif

Workaround for GitKraken Big Sur Performance Issues. Consider running the following command in your terminal: codesign --remove-signature /Applications/GitKraken.app/Contents/Frameworks/GitKraken\ Helper\ \(Renderer\).app. This will remove the GitKraken Signature, making it a partially-signed app. Your performance should be improved while we wait for Apple to address the issue on their end I just downloaded GitKraken and it is not working. If you are on Linux and are unable to launch GitKraken after installation, try to launch the application from the terminal to verify that there are no missing dependencies. Also, be sure to check out our page on How to Install GitKraken GitKraken has certainly left me with the feeling of WTF?! before, but when put in a lineup with all of the other GIT GUIs I think they stand in the forefront for both UX & Features. Others have mentioned that it feels slow but I actually don't mind having to slow down when it comes to version control. Commits should be made with intention not just as a part of the process. The ability to selectively stage individual chunks of work is

If the branch pushed does not exist on the remote, GitKraken will prompt you to name and create the new remote branch. This is typically the fork name followed by a slash, and the branch name. i.e. origin/my-branch. Drag and drop to push. Drag and drop a branch to a remote to access the Push action. You may drag a branch to a remote branch on the graph, or to a remote branch listed in the left panel Like most Electron apps, GitKraken has some memory-related issues. For starter, it requires more memory for an action than an equivalent non-Electron application. Although this should not be a problem most of the time for people who use machines with lots of RAM (after all, RAM is pretty cheap nowadays), it can have some issues when opening large repositories and there have been cases where GitKraken failed to open very large repositories or started lagging once they were opened We've even bought a GitKraken license pack as SourceTree is now unusable. Every action takes upwards of 5-10 minutes to complete. So slow it literally is useless. Some of my colleagues have elected to reverting back to an older version of SourceTree (1.9.5) to workaround all these issues. Others have even reverted to CLI only with gitk Same here, GitKraken is a real pain to use. Watching failed Very VERY slow (1m checkout branch) Using WSL2 (Ubuntu 18) os WINDOWS PRO Using shared drive (U:) Using gitkraken 6.5.0 (64bit) Tried with Github Desktop, works 1000x faster The slow part is the what is the state bit, which doesn't really need to be synchronous. I've reopened this issue so that we can continue working on it. The hard part about unstaging is knowing how to classify the file. I'll elaborate a bit here in case someone has any ideas how to improve it. Here's an explanation as to why staging is fast but unstaging isn't: cola classifies files as.

Depending on the complexity of the product, the Git flow model could overcomplicate and slow the development process and release cycle. Because of the long development cycle, Git flow is historically not able to support Continuous Delivery or Continuous Integration. GitHub Flow Branch Strategy. The GitHub flow branching strategy is a relatively simple workflow that allows smaller teams, or web. Unleash GitKraken, the free Git GUI for Windows, Mac & Linux! This intuitive Git GUI simplifies and streamlines Git processes

Checkout time on Windows with SSD is well over an hour (which is not so nice). The reason for this slow checkout is, as you probably already know, the invocation of the Git-LFS process via the Git attribute filters. 10k files means 10k process executions which is, of course, horribly slow on Windows In Linux: set theDISPLAY environment variable, download and install the Linux version of GitKraken, and run it. Before we begin Make sure you have WSL 2 installed and configured

GitKraken is by far the most frustrating git client that I

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There's a great new cross-platform Git client available now called GitKraken.It's totally free to download and but the optional Pro version includes some great features like a Merge Conflict editor, profile support to keep work and personal separate and more. It's $6 a month or just $5 a month if you go annually This doesn't help GitKraken or any other windows-based tools, but it's still a suggestion. Also, yes, I know I sound like a shill. Hopefully my comment history is a testament to my lack of shillness under normal circumstances. 8. Share. Report Save. level 2. Op · 1y. I totally agree, I've been using VSCode remote development like a charm, it's really really great, only thing missing from my. I have a user with new computer win 7 pro. on domain network with 12 users. Server SBS 2011 Essentials roaming Profiles. AVG Cloudcare for antiviru Doing a hard reset. A hard reset (the --hard option) has the potential of being very dangerous, as it's able to do two different things at once: First, if you do a hard reset against your current HEAD, it will erase all changes in your working tree, so that your current files match the contents of HEAD.. There is also another command, checkout, which operates just like reset --hard if the. Git subtree lets you nest one repository inside another as a sub-directory. It is one of several ways Git projects can manage project dependencies. Learn

Start slow. Using the graphical interface (Gitkraken) makes getting started fairly easy. I'm also trying to give specific instructions whenever we do something new with Github. If the quick install instructions above are not detailed enough, follow these in Jeny's paper or her great online book happygitwithr. Note that if you install Gitkraken, you do not have to install Git, since. The point is, at this time, every action in GitKraken would cause graph renders. That's every action, even if no refs changed (for example, if a new PR came through, or one of the timelines on the graph updated), a whole graph refresh would still be performed. The subsequent frequency of repository refreshes, alongside the graph rendering process itself being slow, made the whole app feel. Ubuntu is slowly moving towards snaps. So, sometimes it becomes a little bit difficult to guess whether a package installed from Ubuntu Software is a deb package or a snap package. Also, it is to be noted that some packages are available via snap as well as apt, thus Software Center can have two entries for identical apps. It's better to look at the bottom of app in Software Center to identify. Then I tried cloning with Git Bash (a text-command tool), and it showed progress was slow but steady. The problem is that SourceTree's progress bar is completely useless, since it doesn't actually show progress. Additionally, the Show full output checkbox also does not show full output. So it's impossible to know if anything is happening. I found that using a command-line tool gives you a. Jekyll, WSL2 Photos by Victoria Heath and Matthew T Rader on Unsplash. In this article, we explore how to use VS Code on Windows and use the Linux file system to watch for changes in an improved dev workflow that I described recently in the first article about this subject.. Craig Loewen tweeted me a comment that lead to this even better solution, fixing the same problem and fixing the only.

VSCode Version: Code 1.6.1 (9e4e44c, 2016-10-13T15:27:10.246Z) OS Version: Darwin x64 14.3.0 Extensions: Steps to Reproduce Oh Shit, Git!?! Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can't search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in order to fix your problem. So here are some bad situations I've gotten myself into, and how I. GitKraken. Just like other GUIs, GitKraken uses up a lot of your computer system resources. This results to a slower processing performance. Even when you're not using GitKraken, it still operates in the background which can affect the speed of your computer. CLI. A common complaint about CLI is its steep learning curve. Unless you're a pro. When I open the Preferences menu of the application everything looks fine for about 8 to 10 seconds, at which point it crashes with a segmentation fault. I am already trying to get the GitKraken devs to look into this, but since Arch is not an officially supported Linux distribution the process is going glacially slow on that end. GitKraken. Members. Ben Vautier (benvautier) Lists. Bugs [1.4.1] When trying to connect to a new remote on bitbucket, GK does not fetch the repos Minor issues [1.4.1] Do not commit the readme,md file when initializing a repo [1.4.1] Option to show recent repos in chronological order (instead of alphabetic) Major issues [1.4.1] Pushing branches to a new repo is needlessly complicated [1.4.1.

GitKraken introduced in its 3.1 version the 'view all files' feature but you still can't do any operations on the files. It is different in SourceTree, as you can do operations on all files. As for me, the 'stop tracking' operation is the one I use very often. To achieve this, you need to go to the 'File Status' view, choose to show all file and then right click on the folder. GitHub can be classified as a tool in the Code Collaboration & Version Control category, while GitKraken is grouped under Source Code Management Desktop Apps. Open source friendly is the primary reason why developers consider GitHub over the competitors, whereas Dark theme was stated as the key factor in picking GitKraken. reddit, Instacart, and Lyft are some of the popular companies. GitKraken (windows) - Git GUI, uses its own build-in git commands. Fork (windows) - Git GUI, use with wslgit-fork-patch. Important! Follow the instructions here after WSL is installed! KDiff3 (windows) - Diff/merge GUI tool, invoked from git inside wsl. VSCode (windows) wsltty (windows) - Terminal of choice, just download and install. WSL. At GitKraken, our DevOps methodology helps slow down the development process, but not to the point that our timelines suffer, and only to the point that we more effectively uncover and fix bugs before deployment. Our Agile habits of implementing and adapting to changes late into the development process, helps our team anticipate for unplanned work, regardless of where we are in the delivery. Additionally, GitKraken stops pushing to the remote. I've tried 0.14 and .15.-rc.13, both have the same issue. I'm a GitKraken Pro user and have an active ticket with GitKraken regarding this. Hopefully they can issue a fix soon - I'm guessing it's an issue with GitKraken parsing the command output

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Install Gitkraken (optional but assumed) If you encounter a very slow re-build process on a Windows machine, this could be the issue and you might want to check out this discussion and especially the provided link which explains how to potentially fix it (the fix worked for me). You can have files other than Rmd/Md in your main folder, and you can have files in sub-folders. Those are. GitKraken is a cross-platform Git client with efficiency, elegance, and reliability at its core. It was made for devs, by devs. GitKraken makes Git commands and processes easy, fast, and intuitive. Enjoy a visually appealing experience that requires fewer interactions, allows for more fluid workflows, and provides total functionality I tested gitkraken before, it's slow comparing with fork . 13 likes Reply. Daniel Castillejo • Sep 30 '20 • Edited on and then Gitkraken (cannot use with private repo anymore), sourcetree is just to buggy most of the time. Why: It's good enough for me, doesn't need extra resources and bonus it's there inside my favorite code editor. GUI is visual representation of what happening git.

gitkraken-wsl-bash.bat This is unchanged from yours, except I had to wrap the %* in double quotes to deal with the space in my Windows Username. @echo off REM Make sure that the path to the script is correct! @bash -c ~/.bin/gitkraken-wsl-bash.sh %* gitkraken-wsl-bash.s GitKraken runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and has a lot of great features, but it also has somewhat confusing pricing plans when it comes to using your own Git server or running offline. Their Azure DevOps integration costs more as well. Since my indie-development is a pretty slow process, I like to avoid as many subscription-based products as possible. On the other hand, having a well. What's the difference between git fetch and git pull?. Before we talk about the differences between these two commands, let's stress their similarities: both are used to download new data from a remote repository.. Downloading data is an essential step in your daily work - because the remote data you are looking at in your local repository is just a snapshot Bitbucket vs GitKraken: What are the differences? Bitbucket: One place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test and deploy, all with free private repositories.Bitbucket gives teams one place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test and deploy, all with free private Git repositories

git gitkraken linux - This is my worst day ever! I so

I've tried GitKraken on the sames repos and everything is fast. I've tried to install v.1.5 (as seen on other posts) and I still have the same result. Thanks for your help. You must be a registered user to add a comment. If you've already registered, sign in. Otherwise, register and sign in. Comment; Reply. 0 votes . Rodney Aug 08, 2016. Hi, I'm going to assume that bootup is slow because it's. High ram usage, cpu usage, and a slow interface is what greets you on any real repo. Its overpriced for the kind of support given, and can sit for hours doing what source tree or terminal commands can complete in seconds. I would never trust them to even have the capability to improve this product. Show entire comment christiankral ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ • Negative comment • 11 months ago. Axosoft makes two product lines for software development: Axosoft agile project management software and GitKraken Git GUI and issue boards. We're hiring talented people to help us continue rapidly growing these products. Find out more GitKraken can also connect to your GitHub or Bitbucket accounts and help you find projects whenever you want to clone or add remote content. Other customization options include the possibility to change the default merge tool, to generate new public keys, to modify the branches and prefixes naming pattern for the Git Flow, and so on Git Github Gitkraken: Version Control without Command Line Udemy Free download. Learn Version Control using one of the most intuitive graphical user interface for Git. Just Point and Click.. This course is written by Udemy's very popular author Peter Gunardi. It was last updated on September 20, 2017. The language of this course is English but also have Subtitles (captions) in English (US.

Join GitKraken on Slack. 9137 users are registered so far.. I agree to the Code of Conduct.. Get my Invit Kraken is more than just a Bitcoin trading platform. Come see why our cryptocurrency exchange is the best place to buy, sell, trade and learn about crypto Slowly going to gitkraken, looks good, undefined. 6. 14. ultrono. 2419. 3y. I've had a pretty stressful week and I'm fairly close to burnnout. I have Spotify running on one monitor and GitKraken (dark theme) running on the other. A naff song begins to play on Spotify so go to open an alternative playlist. Clicking upon any song title doesn't do anything at all. After a couple of minutes of.

Git is a fantastic choice for tracking the evolution of your code base and collaborating efficiently with your peers. But what happens when the repository you want to track is really really big? In this post I'll give you some techniques for dealing with it Tags - GitKraken Documentation. COUPON (0 seconds ago) Adding tags. To create a new tag in GitKraken, right click on the commit you'd like to tag, and select Create tag here at the bottom.. Tags are created locally, but available for remotes by right clicking the tag and selecting to push the tag to the remote. Category: Coupon, Get Code . Pushing and Pulling - GitKraken Documentation. COUPON.

When I open VS Code without GitKraken or vice versa, my laptop runs normally. But always lagging when I open them both. Here is my system specs: Acer Aspire E5-475G. Intel Core i3-6100U (2.3 GHz, 3MB L3 Cache). Nvidia GeForce 940MX with 2 GB Dedicated VRAM. 2 GB DDR4 Memory. ChaletOS 16.04.2 LTS 64-bit (Xubuntu based) Just use Git Kraken: gitkraken.com, this is unacceptable . You must be a registered user to add a comment. If you've already registered, sign in. Otherwise, register and sign in. Comment; Like. Reply. 2 votes . douglascayers Aug 30, 2017 • edited. On Windows 10 x64 with SourceTree v2.1.11.0 I the app was slow for me too. Would take 3-5 seconds or more for SourceTree to scan and detect file. GitKraken is a web-based application built on Electron, which is why it is slow. Same thing with Slack. What Jon and his team do is always build native and as you are probably already well aware, Sublime Text Editor performance is consistent across all operating systems

For a product like Gitkraken, the dope peddler model seems unlikely to generate a lot of good viable leads in the funnel. To convert a non-commercial user to a commercial user, the user has to switch to a commercial context and be in a position to strongly influence use and purchase decisions and be a bit evangelical about Gitkraken. To me, a. iTunes (sometimes slow to register clicks) Irvue; iStat Menus 6.51; iVolume 3.9.0; JPEG Mini Pro; Jump Desktop 8.5.15; Kakaotalk (works fine for me) Keka; Kindle; Kodi 18.7; LastPass; LaunchControl ; LBRY Desktop App; Libre Office; Little Snitch 5 Technology Preview (but Apple apps bypass it) Logic and plugins (734 validated) (be careful! 9 of my essential plugins don't show, & 1. March 31, 2021 update. To fix a bug, we've updated the code provided in the Cloning in Sparse Mode and Sparse-checkout and partial clones sections of this post. Thanks to readers for catching this. Git 2.25.0 includes a new experimental git sparse-checkout command that makes the existing feature easier to use, along with some important performance benefits for large repositories This causes git gc to run slower but will save more disk space after its completion. The effects of --aggressive are persistent and only need to be run after a large volume of changes to a repository. What is git gc auto? The git gc --auto command variant first checks if any housekeeping is required on the repo before executing. If it finds housekeeping is not needed it exits without doing any.

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  1. When I try and push --all to GitHub, the Git transfer starts out fast, slows down, and eventually stops. It doesn't fail, it just slows to a halt. What's going on? This is really frustrating, I'd like to get my code pushed, but every time I try this, it slows to a stop. I've tried on multiple networks, so I don't think it's my network connection. git github. Share. Improve this question.
  2. in Major issues on GitKraken [1.4.1] Stopped using for the time being. Too many little things are getting in the way. Application response time is too slow..
  3. GitKraken currently does not support these services but support is planned for a future release. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that GitKraken supports one or more specific git based services that aren't GitHub Enterprise or Bitbucket, both of which use git
  4. In Git, there are two main ways to integrate changes from one branch into another: the merge and the rebase.In this section you'll learn what rebasing is, how to do it, why it's a pretty amazing tool, and in what cases you won't want to use it

git is most important, as a GUI for it, I use GitKraken. Also to use lfs on some repositories one needs to initialize it once: sudo apt install -y git git-lfs git-lfs install sudo apt install -y gitkraken # flatpak install -y gitkraken The flatpak version of GitKraken also works perfectly. Open GitKraken and set up Accounts and Settings. Note that in case of flatpak, one needs to add the. Tracking slowly changing external vendor repos. That would be a whole lot less useful. moe on April 29, 2012. The problem, as I see it, is that it was designed for a rather complex/obscure use-case. Most people need only a fraction of that (akin to mercurial subrepo or even svn externals) and don't want to be exposed to all the corner cases and terrible usability. exDM69 on April 29, 2012. Because of a rising number of people using the platform, some clients also experienced slower response times while the application programming interface of the exchange remained down. Navigate to Preferences SSH. Maybe 18.8.8 ? Once the USB header is switched, power on your system. Clear your browser cache, sign out of the git hosting service, then restart GitKraken Git GUI and try again. If. GitKraken is not only reliable, efficient, visually nice and stylish to use, but it also makes git operations understandable and enjoyable. Its interface is intuitive as it allows users to quickly perform basic actions, and has a drag and drop feature. What is more, you can easily fix mistakes with one click

GitKraken is a legend not just in iOS development but android as well. It is a cross-platform Git client that runs natively on all platforms including iOS. It has features of Visual Commit History & Drag and Drop which allows effective tracking and controlling of all the revisions. GitKraken stands tall in iOS app development tools when it comes to revision control See everything that matters. Built-in everything brings automated security, code quality, and vulnerability management. With GitLab, tight governance and control never slow down DevOps speed. Learn more It can get slow at times; Uses a large space for memory; Cost. For a professional plan, you will have to spend $45 per month and a monthly subscription to the enterprise plan will cost you $250. Image via Microsoft . 2. Xcode. Xcode from Apple is one of the best developer tools that helps you write code with advanced code completion and syntax highlighting using a professional code editor. It. release.gitkraken.com receives about 8,650 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 47,075 in the world. release.gitkraken.com uses CloudFlare, Express, Node.js web.

GitKraken is an awesome tool to have while you are working as a team, to track commits, TODOs and whatnot! Pro membership in GitKraken Glo for a year. GitKraken Glo is a kanban board style. Where communities thrive. Join over 1.5M+ people Join over 100K+ communities Free without limits Create your own community Explore more communitie I tried setting up sshfs and using gitkraken locally (on my macbook). That was ridiculously slow, maybe there's a way to make it faster? Then I tried installing gitkraken on the server, and X-forwarding the graphics, that was ok, if a bit low res. Also, it needs gtk3 and one of my remote machines doesn't support that

GitKraken was Built for UX As the name implies, a graphical USER interface is focused on you , the user (well, maybe not all GUIs - but you get the idea). GitKraken is designed with a heavy emphasis on the user experience - meticulously ensuring that every Git operation is designed to make developers more productive By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on 2010-08-19 (last updated on 2018-11-14) . Vincent Driessen's git flow branching model is a git branching and release management workflow that helps developers keep track of features, hotfixes and releases in bigger software projects. This workflow has lot of commands to type and remember, so there's also the git-flow library of git subcommands to help automate. Extensions run in separate processes, ensuring they won't slow down your editor. Learn more about extensions. Deploy with confidence and ease. With Microsoft Azure you can deploy and host your React, Angular, Vue, Node, Python (and more!) sites, store and query relational and document based data, and scale with serverless computing, all with ease, all from within VS Code. VS Code for. Get. GitKraken is another one of the best GUI Git clients. It is considered to be one of the most attractive among Git clients. Besides, it comes with great UI, features, and themes. Also, it looks exciting and comes with a lot of features when compared with any other GUI Git client. Furthermore, it has an intuitive UI/UX. It also has a merge Conflict Editor. Furthermore, it supports VCS, such as. Other notable development tools I use are GitKraken for Git repo management, Beyond Compare for code comparisons, VirtualBox, NVM for NodeJS version management and SDKMan for JDK version management. Productivity tools Productivity tools are also quite important and below are my choices. Browser: Google Chrome is my primary browser. I also use Firefox & Opera sometimes. I do love Opera in terms.


SourceTree vs GitKraken detailed comparison as of 2021 - Slan

Introduction. Visual Studio Code (VS Code) has become one of the most popular editors out there for web development. It has gained such popularity thanks to its many built-in features such as source control integration, namely with Git.Harnessing the power of Git from within VS Code can make your workflow more efficient and robust @masonwheeler: > I'll never go back to non-distributed *Why?!?* The industry-wide shift to Git was one of the biggest mistakes I've seen in decades of programming. DVCS optimizes for a very specific use case (a highly distributed project structure such as that of Linux, which was why Git was created) at the expense of ordinary operations. Virtually everything that people on normal software. Well, I have not been wrting code for years and I have just downloaded 10.3. It all seemed very fine indeed. Until I started debugging..... The debugging capabilities are set back to the days before!! Delphi 3 (i.e. the second 32 bit delphi, and I still have a book from 1996 written by Marco Cant.. For Campsite, there are no gitkraken changes to the secrets or headaches from CC ; Thus 7 and exciting still work fine. Chuck the problem with your Xbox One yin speeds is caused by your internet connection itself, which can slow down or become determined due to a severe issue on your provider's side. Dare your computer's microphone and keyboard the installer app for Google Playtime.. The new Brave browser blocks ads and trackers that slow you down and invade your privacy. Discover a new way of thinking about how the web can work. Download Brave. Download Brave. Select what kind of chip your Mac comes with. Intel Chip. Most common. Apple Chip. Nov 2020 and later. How to find my chip . At the top left, Open the Apple menu. Select About This Mac. In the Overview.

GitKraken Timelines: Free Timeline Maker Communicate major project milestones and deadlines for free 16. Productivity. 273. Principles of Product Management 200 pages of PM best practices from Amazon, FB, and more. 14. Productivity. In comparison, GitKraken's display felt crabbed and required mouse clicks or a hover to reveal what I consider to be basic information. What made me decide on this rather than some of the leading free alternatives is the speed of update of the GUI when files change underneath it and the fact that the major features I wanted (such as squashing commits) are readily available and easier to use. GitKraken Git GUI The legendary Git GUI client for Windows, Mac and Linux 99. Linux. 1,305. Sublime Text 3.0 The long awaited version 3 of the popular code editor 73. Linux. 5,385. Medium 3.0.

OS isn't the issue. They're slow because they're bloated. Open your network panel in the dev tools and check out how much it's downloading before and after rendering, as well as how many external calls are made. Customers notice every 10ms of time spent churning a page. Slow rendering is actually more harmful to a UX than slow response time We'd also like to store the toxicity properties that have already been reported, so that the app runs faster, even on slow connection speeds. Built With . flask, gcp, gitkraken, html5, machine-learning, python, wolfram-technologies. 18 Nov 2019. hackathon; #cosmetics; #css; #html; #javascript « You are not a loan How to Scan a Barcode with Flutter » comments powered by Disqus. Never miss a.

SourceTree 2.0 is horribly slow and not scaling we..

I find the new UI very confusing and inconsistent, not really great to use or just to look at. Also, the new 1.8 branch is too slow compare to the 1.7 version, it's just impossible to work with. I have no choice than sticking with 1.7 for as long as I can. I might start looking at some other options to use on Windows in case the situation.

[WSL 2.0] How to access git repo with Windows program ..

  1. Stage is unacceptably slow on large repositories · Issue
  2. What is the best Git branch strategy? Git - GitKrake
  3. GitKraken vs Gitea detailed comparison as of 2021 - Slan
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